This week at ECI we have delivered 3 tools for verification and calibration of one of the parts of the fuselage of a commercial aircraft. In this case, each of the 3 elements will be used for the calibration of 3 types of frames mounted on the A321 Model.

The 3 tools are manufactured in different types of materials: carbon steels type S355J2 and S355K2G3 for its main structure, stainless steels type A2 and C4-70 for guides and mechanisms, and aluminium type AW-6082/T6-T651 for the parts in contact with the gauge to be used in the verification process.

It has been a highly demanding manufacturing process in which we have carried out all the required processes. These include the manufacture of the different structures, welding, stabilising, machining, pre-assembly, painting, oven drying, final assembly, verification and testing with the customer.

For all the processes, strict controls have been carried out on both welding (with their respective approvals) and non-destructive tests such as ultrasonic and magnetic particle tests. Dimensional controls have also been carried out using 3D Tracker and the painting process has been controlled with C5 requirements.

The result has been satisfactory for the client and for all our team that has participated in each of the phases, of which we are very proud.

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