Last week at ECi, we completed and shipped to a Hydroelectric Power Plant in Northern Europe a Special Support Base to be fixed to the main rotor of the plant. This base is made of carbon steel, special HEB 300 profiles and plates of various thicknesses in S355J2 material.

All welded joints were butt welded (BW) to full penetration by our approved personnel. Non-destructive testing, including ultrasonic and radiography, was carried out on 30% of the welds and 100% of L, penetrant on all welds.

After welding, the weld was taken to the stabilising furnace to remove weld stresses. Subsequently, the main supports were machined to ensure that the rotor was level. Finally, the entire process was completed with a blasting and painting process, in this case with a C5 quality requirement.

The customer’s requirements were very stringent and have been successfully met by our internal staff and our external collaborators. To all of them, thank you very much and congratulations for the good work.

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