Throughout this week, we have been making further strides in our scheduled maintenance efforts for the year 2023, undertaking a substantial task at the Hydroelectric Plant. We are pleased to share with you that we have successfully completed the disassembly of the two copper serpentine tubes originally installed in 1985 by ECi.

Our team has meticulously carried out a process of verification, cleaning, and detection of potential leaks through Hydraulic Testing. To ensure the integrity of this process, we have collaborated with a notified body designated by the Ownership, further validating our endeavors.

Years have passed since the initial installation, and we are delighted to report that the results have exceeded our expectations. There has been minimal significant wear in thicknesses and welded joints. This positive assessment motivates us to continue our pursuit of excellence.

With the validation of results in hand, we are now immersed in the phase of measurement and the creation of necessary templates and supports. This step is pivotal, as we have taken on the responsibility of manufacturing two identical new serpentine tubes to replace the former ones in the same location. The retired serpentine tubes will be stored, available as spares for parallel turbines.

The fabrication of these copper serpentine tubes demands an extremely precise bending process to ensure a perfect fit into the fixed part of the casing. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on the quality of welded joints, strategically positioned every 5 meters along the nearly 400 meters constituting the main tube.

The success of the initial phase of this project fills us with satisfaction and propels us to continue working in close collaboration with our client. We are committed to the new manufacturing process, with the support of our in-house team and valuable collaborators around us. Together, we are making strides towards the realization of this exciting milestone.