This week at ECi, we have completed the first stage of manufacturing for a set of three units of a Backup Ring Alternator Turbine Plate.

It is a ring with an outer diameter of 3.6 meters and an inner diameter of 2.8 meters, manufactured from six circular sectors, each 40 mm thick, using high-quality Stainless Steel material (AISI 316-L).

To join these sectors, six multipass welded joints were performed in an “X” shape (BW) with total penetration. The first two passes were done using TIG (141), and the subsequent passes were completed using MIG (136) with Tubular Wire and inert gas.

Given its crucial function once mounted on the Hydroelectric Power Plant Alternator, strict quality controls were applied. These included ultrasonic inspection of the base material, verification of the flatness of each sector, ultrasonic inspection of the welds, surface inspection using penetrant liquids, and visual inspection.

Before machining, the ring underwent a thermal treatment in a furnace to relieve the stresses caused by welding. Finally, a dimensional and flatness verification was carried out before transporting it to the mechanical workshop to conclude the manufacturing process and proceed with the assembly onto the first alternator at the power plant.

This has been a thorough process in which each team member has performed their task exceptionally, and for this reason, we are very satisfied. We are now gearing up to commence the manufacturing of the next set.

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We proudly introduce below the pictures of the elaboration of this project: