We are happy to announce the completion of the First Manufacturing Phase for two impressive tanks measuring Ø 3 meters x 7 meters. These tanks are entirely constructed with Stainless Steel Quality AISI 316-L and boast an astonishing capacity of 5000 liters.

Following rigorous testing, including Tightness, Weld Radiography, and Dimensional Control, these tanks were moved to our adjacent facilities. Here, crucial processes such as Pickling – Passivation, assembly of Agitation, Stairs, Manhole, railing fixation, and Thermal Lining will take place.

Once finalized and all Inspection Points are verified, our efficient team will transport them using the gondolas from our logistics partner to our client’s factory. Positioned in their warehouses, we will proceed with the installation, piping routing, and auxiliary equipment setup in the production area.

The eagerly awaited Second Manufacturing Phase is scheduled to commence in early 2024. Our entire team has worked in a coordinated and effective manner to meet the objectives set by our client. Congratulations to everyone for the excellent work done!

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