Last week, from ECi, we successfully completed the delivery of the first steel structure for access to an 80-meter deep well, part of a unique project. This innovative structure consists of a fixed base with a diameter of 4.5 meters, divided into two 180º parts, anchored to the well’s floor, and a mobile base with a diameter of 4.3 meters, divided into 4 pieces of 90º. This mobile part will move along the 80 meters of the well using hydraulic cylinders and cable winches.

Inside, a framework will be installed to accommodate an elevator for construction personnel and a machinery loading platform. Our installation team is carrying out placement and positioning tasks this week to ensure a safe descent and anchoring.

ECi takes pride in having completed the comprehensive calculation and design of the project. After manufacturing and conducting thorough load tests at each point, we have successfully passed the corresponding FAT with customer inspection. The construction of the second unit is underway, ready for delivery next week and assembly in early 2024.

These impressive structures are destined for a mountainous area in the French Alps. ECi celebrates the outstanding performance of our technical and workshop team. The installation team, starting today, focuses on coupling and adjustment areas. We wish them an excellent job and look forward to their return by the end of the week. Trust ECi for advanced engineering projects and cutting-edge structural solutions!

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