Talleres ECI has presented an innovative Project which is particularly relevant for the current pandemic. It consists of a machine which cleans and disinfects hospital beds with an automatic robotized system

The process consists of 5 phases:

Beds are placed on an entrance ramp between rails. A sensor on the floor then detects a bed is awaiting cleaning and the process begins. 

Once the bed has entered module 1, the door is closed and cleaning starts on a rotative base with a robotic arm.

Two doors close and create a fully hermetic chamber. High temperature steam is introduced and then vacuumed to prevent condensation of particles on the bed. Once the disinfection process is over, doors open again to create a pressure change and speed up the drying.  

The bed enters the last module where a pipe controls hot air which is directed towards the bed continuously. This way the whole structure is dried in very little time.  

The bed leaves the last module through a ramp which is similar to the entrance ramp, where a sensor detects the bed is out and allows the entrance of the next bed.  

The robot used in the process has two functions: First, it cleans and disinfects with dry steam. Secondly, it uses water under pressure to clean the elements which are resistant to the washing process.  

The structure consists of 3 big modules which allow to optimise the water used for the whole process, through a closed system of pipes. This allows to reduce the environmental impact and to limit costs for the hospital.