Recently, in Talleres ECI we finished the construction of one of our most ambitious projects so far this year. It is a degreaser for the different phases of steel production, which avoids the release of highly polluting harmful gases into the atmosphere. With this system we have managed to create one of the first steel manufacturing plants in Europe with zero toxic emissions.

The main cavity of this degreaser is a rectangular base of 12,5mts x 4,8 mts x 1,3 mts in the form of a collecting tank, the walls are sixteen panels of 6,2mts x 2,1 mts with reinforcements, the entrance and exit are made with two pyramid trunks of 4.8mts x 5.2mts base x 2.6mts height, in vertical position, all covered by a flat roof of 12.5mts x 4.8mts, all in AISI 316-L steel. The manufacture was made in different sections and parts, in order to be able to transport it by special transport to some warehouses located next to the foundry where it was assembled, the corresponding tests and trials were made and finally it was taken about 2 km by road with two tractor cranes to its final destination, in a plant located in the center of Europe.

Contact information:

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